About Us

Shop and Save was born in 1993 under the vision and control of Karen Foster. The company continues to thrive under the original ownership of Karen and her very valuable staff today.

Well shopping has certainly evolved since the early 90’s. Our shopping tours have seen thousands of passengers join us over the past 25 years and nearly 3 million dollars raised to various fundraising charities and organisations. So what keeps us going, here at Shop and Save you may ask? We find shopping and searching out some fantastic bargains for our clients still has the adrenalin rush that it has had since the early 90’s! 

We know that lots of our clients are time poor and so it is sometimes not possible to join a group and go on a tour. So we have now brought the factory outlets and the shopping tour home to you! We understand that finding those somehow elusive bargains can be time consuming and difficult - so we have done the hard work for you. You will find on our site some of the bargains that you would find if you joined us on a tour. The products listed on our site are all gathered from our factory outlets – the same outlets that would be available if you joined us on a shopping tour. 

So shopping could not get any easier! Relax, sit back and start shopping online with Shop and Save. 

The majority of our shopping tours are held as fundraisers for charities, schools, sports clubs, dance studios, and other organisations. So not only can you go on your own virtual tour from the comfort of your home but we will also donate 5% of any purchases, to the organisation of your choice. (If your organisation has not registered with us, forms are available on this site for them to complete.) 

The new virtual shopping tour via our online shopping experience is an innovation like know other. Yes we understand that it is not always possible to support your fundraising group by joining them on tour, so now you can shop from the comfort of your own home and still assist the fundraising efforts of your group. So who would think of such an innovative way of assisting our clients – yes you guessed it! Shop and Save!

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and don’t forget , “The more you shop, the more you save”. 

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